Quadrilateral Perspective


Figure 3 illustrates the focused vision in the accommodation range (space existing between the closest point of our vision and the infinity, farthest point).

The accommodation range is the line relative to the center of our vision. It goes from the closest point to the farthest (infinity). The support line or line of width measurement is the maximum height the drawing will reach. From this line to the accommodation range line, where the square that indicates the point of the focused vision is placed, we get at the height where the viewer is located.

The distance existing between the viewer’s eye up to the square on the accommodation range line relates to the distance where the viewer of the observed object is located.

The zero level plane represents the drawing base.

The same reasoning applies to the aerial oblique perspective.

The vanishing point 2 of the aerial parallel perspective and the vanishing point 3 of the aerial oblique perspective represent the vanishing height of the solids seen from an elevated distance; for example, when we observe a view from a helicopter.


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