Quadrilateral Perspective


Figure 2 illustrates the focused vision 17cm away from the viewer’s eyes. This is the representation of the three-dimensional space where we will draw the parallel (1 vanishing point) and the oblique (2 vanishing points) perspectives.

The parallel perspective represents the space that can be perceived by our visual organs when we focus the image on the closest point.

The oblique perspective presents the object seen from a sharp corner, within this visual space represented by the parallel perspective.

The out-of-focus vision represented by two 3x3m squares is close to the viewer’s eyes.

The line located at the height of our eyes determines the limits of our vision at the two ends of our out-of-focus vision. These two points transferred to the horizon line (our vision farthest point) will determine the depth points. One point to the right and the other to the left of the viewer.


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