Quadrilateral Perspective


Unlike many others, this book does not aim to teach the traditional perspective systems. This book emerged from my years of study and researches in the exact perspective field, in order to solve drawing problems existing in the current systems: impossibility of finding the depth in any height of the horizon line and in any type of perspective. When I solved these problems I was able to free the three-dimensional space in drawing.

The new exact perspective presented herein is based on this new basic concept. Therefore, in addition to the didactic purpose of teaching how to draw in perspective, it embodies the characteristic of a thesis to be supported in the Space Geometry (Stereometry) field.

I kept this work to myself for nearly ten years. Only now the idea of divulging this work as a book occurred to me. A great number of professionals who use the drawing as a form of expression may benefit from this new easy-to-learn perspective system by adopting its use in their works.

The demonstration of the perspective exercises included in this book is developed in an evolutionary process, in such a way that the more you perform the exercises the better you will understand the subject matter. Therefore, one should study the oblique perspective only after thoroughly mastering the parallel perspective study. The aerial oblique and the integrated perspectives should be the last ones to be studied, considering that they require total expertise in performing the several perspective processes.

The several lines and points used in perspective will perform the miracle of extracting from the paper what was previously conceived. First of all, we have to sketch the basic idea, with all the measurements of the elements comprising the project. For instance, if the idea is to make a chair, we should study its style, its shape and write down its measures (height of its back, feet, width, seat depth, etc.). The drawings of the objects as well as the environment measurement in meters should be devised in advance.


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