Quadrilateral Perspective


This book aims to overcome the difficulties presented by exact perspective in three-dimensional drawings, by introducing a new reasoning to remake the vertical plane in three dimensions, where the visual cone is no longer the fundamental idea.

The work on exact perspective introduced herein is the result of many years of study and research conducted in the perspective field, in order to free the three-dimensional space on the drawing.

I hope that the University that has several functions, including that of catalyzing ideas, opinions and hypotheses will study and examine the new basic concept of this new exact perspective measured in millimeters. It is the only one that has geometric structures for each type of perspective, whose drawings present reliable images.

The new structures of the Quadrilateral Perspective under vectorial form becomes a powerful algorithm for solving the three-dimensional vision problem, which applied to the construction of a software will allow obtaining movement with a small amount of processing. Example: applied to animated cartoon software in a simple computer.


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