Quadrilateral Perspective


For interior projects

..... 1:10 ....... 1m ..... 10cm


..... 1:20 ....... 1m ..... 5cm

For exterior projects

..... 1:50 ....... 1m ..... 2cm


To make aerial perspectives


1:100....   1m....  1cm


1:200....   1m....  5mm


1:500....   1m....  2mm


We have seen that the parallel perspective will have a maximum space of 6m (2 squares) of width by 3m of height. This is the visual field of the parallel perspective. In order to avoid constructing the drawing with the vanishing point at the center of the project, we work with smaller width measured in meters. As a result, the drawing image will be more pleasant.

Sometimes, in an exterior project, like a garden, for example, we need a space larger that 6-m wide. In this case we should use two scales: a larger scale for the environment and a smaller one for the objects to be drawn in it.

Imagine how it is done in the construction of a maquette. Do not forget to construct the horizontal plane (upon which the objects will be drawn), closer to the horizon line, thus avoiding an aerial view.


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