Quadrilateral Perspective



1 —

Construction of the environment in parallel perspective.


2 —

Creation of the measurement lines of width and height, plus the vertical horizon line, to where the staircase inclined lines vanish.


3 —

Indicate the staircase width on the measurement line.


4 —

Calculate the height of the 1st. step.


5 —

Mark the measurement corresponding to the tread on the width measurement line. From point a to point b find the point c. This point refers to the step depth, that is, to the measurement of the floor.


6 —

Construct the 1st step using parallel lines and lines that run to the horizon.


7 —

Draw two lines from the sides of the 1st step to join the vertices of the rectangles. Proceed with these up to the horizon vertical line and mark the staircase inclination point.


8 —

Draw a diagonal line from point d (vertex of the 1st step) to the vanishing point of the staircase inclination. The same applies to the other vertex of the step.


9 —

Construct a staircase as shown in figure nº 18 (next page).


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