Quadrilateral Perspective


In order to draw in perspective, we must first all construct a box inside which we work on a flat three-dimensional space.

As previously explained, the vertical visual field is always a square of 3x3 m. Look at figure nº 17. The distance from the view point to the distance line is 1.5cm (scale 1:20, 15cm = 3m). The same measurement is found between the vanishing point and the depth point.

The depth point is located to the right and to the left of the vanishing point, because our vision out of focus is made up of 2 squares, giving us a vision of 180º.

While constructing the box we should never exceed the depth points; we should always draw in the space existing between the support line and the distance line.

If we want a larger or smaller drawing, we should use the appropriate scale for this purpose.

The plane in squares is optional. It facilitates the work for the draftsman, but it is not absolutely necessary, because the depth point is enough to find the objects in finite distances.

Figure nº 14 illustrates several processes using points and lines inside a space in parallel perspective.


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